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Anonymous 10/12/21(Tue)23:35:18 No. fb-KMQBOSFX [Report]

i wanna believe this place wont die in two years like every other federated/decentralized bbs that finally gains traction jeff left me w3c shitted bloatware is garbage undermechemail without the """failed""" ensured delivery this is nothing good in something already horrendous i hate fediniggers and im too lazy 2b a devchad brogrammer

Anonymous 10/13/21(Wed)00:49:14 No. fb-Q37RRF9U [Report]

>>fb-KMQBOSFX (OP) cool story bro

Anonymous 10/13/21(Wed)03:42:43 No. DAWP2FZI [Report]

>>fb-KMQBOSFX (OP) tenshi wtf does this mean?

File faggot.png (101.60 KB)
Anonymous 10/13/21(Wed)04:49:30 No. fb-6VZ8FXEZ [Report]

op is a faggot

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Anonymous 10/13/21(Wed)04:57:03 No. fb-FTOQ8DLI [Report] >>fb-A0S44HZJ >>fb-W6WVALQ6

>>fb-KMQBOSFX (OP) I think we need something like this for the index

Anonymous 10/13/21(Wed)05:47:53 No. fb-A0S44HZJ [Report] >>fb-U7GZFXYX >>fb-ZIR7FZBU

>>fb-FTOQ8DLI While we're on the topic of suggestions, I'd like to see an overboard feature.

Anonymous 10/13/21(Wed)13:14:55 No. fb-U7GZFXYX [Report]

>>fb-A0S44HZJ This has need discussed already use 0xchan or something if you want an overboard.

Anonymous 10/13/21(Wed)18:13:57 No. fb-ZIR7FZBU [Report]

>>fb-A0S44HZJ the software already has native support for it, just subscribe to every instance's board for a single board.

Anonymous 10/13/21(Wed)18:14:33 No. fb-W6WVALQ6 [Report]

>>fb-FTOQ8DLI Yes definitely

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