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Usagi is a federated image board based on ActivityPub. The current version of the code running on the server is still a work-in-progress product, expect a bumpy ride for the time being. Get the server code here: https://github.com/FChannel0.
You can find my modifications here: https://github.com/anomalous69/FChannel-Server/tree/usagi

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Oct 16, 2023 - [spoiler] and [code] tags

Post content can now be wrapped in [spoiler][/spoiler] and [code][/code] tags.
You will likely need to clear cached stylesheets to see them


func add(a int, b int) int {

return a + b

Jan 29, 2023 - Theme support for non-JavaScript clients

Javascript is no longer required to set and use themes.
For non-JavaScript clients a button has been added next to the theme selector in the footer, use the drop-down to select a theme then click the "Set" button to set the theme.

Nov 09, 2022 - Kyogi Migration

Kyogi has been shutdown, all of the posts and attachments from Kyogi have been merged into Usagi.

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dumb bunny let the certificate expire for dis
Hi Im new and lost: Hi I’m new here and a bit lost still. Why am I here? Well, I’m reaching out looking, for a website, a forum, a chat, something, because I have a fetish that seems taboo, and sick of feeling isolated and alone. No, it’s not p3d0 / CP, well except to most people who don’t bother to look past a cover it is, I’m more Hedephilia or Ephebophilia, but only within the context of Macrophilia. Whether it was Land of the Giants, Gulliver’s travels, Honey, I shrunk, or the fact most cartoons had a “shrinking episode” (TMHT/TMNT where they shrunk and April found them “you’re so tiny”) all got me excited. However, the Macrophilia community is really judgemental, and anything that vaguely looks under 18 is deleted and you’re banned. Japan seem to be the only place that understands, quite a few anime and manga about Giantess girls (though I prefer regular sized girls finding a shrunken guy), and yes while 18+ is fine most of the time, there’s something cute, endearing, about those mangas about schoolgirls. To be clear, I do not want to abuse anyone, least of all anyone under 18. I am not interested in any of that material (CP) that sounds like it’s floating around this part of the web in vast amounts. The fact is the reverse is true, I would like them to abuse me, well unknowingly, as I prefer gentle, kind, mischievous and lewd, not cruel like many apparently do, it’s a fantasy where I’m the size of a toy, a doll, a small action figure and she’s curious and exploring sexuality as it’s new to her still. Like a lot of these things it’s a power dynamic but it’s the opposite of seemingly what most expect. I’m not identifying with the victim, I want to be the victim but to a sweet, innocent, curious, lewd girl taking advantage of me. When I was younger, there were websites that had collages, they were rough, literally look like someone had cut out and stuck together in real life paper and scanned back in, but you know tech was basic back then. Guessing they’ve all been shutdown now or too scared to operate. Now we have AI, but again there’s so many limits and censorship. So, there it is, I’m lumped in with the monsters, kink shamed, when all I want to do is write, make AI images (not using anyone’s likeness, though I’m not sure public figures can escape people doing whatever, anyway), chat with other likeminded individuals. I wouldn’t harm anyone in real life and have no interest in any material that caused harm to someone in its making. So, anywhere here and anyone like that? Any address you point me to or advice? Or is this part of the web just the other extreme end and I’m looking for something in the middle that doesn’t exist?
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