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HTML Lisp Lisper 05/25/23(Thu)18:08:52 No. VUYE82WR [Report]

Lisp is good, but it's not pleasant for many to look at. I propose HTMLisp. Yes, Lisp and HTML hybrid functional programming language. Lisp: (+ 2 2) (setf var 2) HTMLisp version a: <+> 2 2 </+> <setf> var=2 </setf> HTML version b: <setf> var 2 </setf>

Anonymous 05/25/23(Thu)23:11:00 No. fprog-F9DFA0AC [Report]

No, you see, you're doing it wrong. It would actually look like ><+><symbol>2</symbol><symbol>2</symbol></+> That way, you have a clusterfuck like ><defun name="lol" x y><if><=><symbol>x</symbol><symbol>y</symbol></=><symbol>1</symbol><+><symbol>x</symbol><lol><symbol>x</symbol><+><symbol>y</symbol><symbol>1</symbol></+></lol></+></if></defn> Beautiful.

Anonymous 06/02/23(Fri)05:06:55 No. fprog-C572D63E [Report]

>>VUYE82WR (OP) >Lisp and HTML hybrid looks like a lisp+xml bastard child tbh hows it different?

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autocad help? Anonymous 04/15/23(Sat)21:18:52 No. fprog-E78EE564 [Report]

Hey peeps, I'm in need of help figuring out how to improve my productivity at work in autocad, I am a draftsman in an engineering company and work on slab designs etc for homes. Looking for someone that can help in the automation of waffle pod layout in slab plus pier layout automation too if possible, I can't get that arrays to work correctly.....maybe there's a better way? Any way thanks for the time guys.

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Anonymous 03/05/23(Sun)11:09:36 No. VNLTGU87 [Report]

god I hate C++ it is such an abomination. Is there any language that calcifies your brain, and hinders you ability for creative thought more than C++?

File C++.png (26.85 KB) [Draw]
Anonymous 03/05/23(Sun)14:37:54 No. RKCKMJ59 [Report]

> Is there any language that calcifies your brain, and hinders you ability for creative thought more than C++? Python, Rust, Object C, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift, Dart, Julia? Or any programming language, that is not Lisp, Forth, Smalltalk, or a variant of any of them, with exception of few like Lua. Most contemporary languages suck because they try to "fix" issues with syntax, which is usually the most glaring issue, by adding more complexity. http://xahlee.info/comp/syntax_vs_semantics.html

Anonymous 04/08/23(Sat)23:35:02 No. RMERQQCL [Report]

>>RKCKMJ59 APL is another good one but not on the same level as forth and lisp (I haven't used smalltalk).

Anonymous 04/11/23(Tue)22:44:57 No. fprog-D67D737F [Report]

>with exception of few like Lua What's thought of something like Fennel? It's a Lisp-like that compiles to Lua. Lua is already good as is, would one say that tossing a syntax similar to Lisp on it improves it at all?

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How to learn to program more effectively? MrUnknown 03/06/23(Mon)10:26:56 No. fprog-EF777E18 [Report]

I'm a beginner in the area of programming I know basic things but I wanted to know if there is any way to learn more efficiently

Anonymous 03/09/23(Thu)13:50:57 No. 887RVMJH [Report]

Stay open minded and constantly keep learning, changing things here and there, to get accustomed to learning. Brain is a muscle, treat it like one.

Anonymous 03/13/23(Mon)01:22:16 No. fprog-B5F36498 [Report]

Read code from others and take notes. You may be surprised at what you can learn that way. I have applied this to every language I know to great effect.

File 1673726346783542.png (1.23 MB) [Draw]
Anonymous 03/15/23(Wed)10:38:30 No. SNLE62P1 [Report]

>>fprog-EF777E18 (OP) >more efficiently use emacs

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Anonymous 08/22/22(Mon)01:11:23 No. K0QH8AQ0 [Report]

Hi, here are some general thoughts I have about stuff. I figure that you would think its cool. Thoughts This is an incomplete list of thoughts I hold. Remember, they may not necessarily agree with your thoughts and views, and I’ve tried to separate them into appropriate topics that you can skim through. Politics Just stop caring. Turn off the phone, change to a different channel. My stance on this comes from another opinion of mine, that I shouldn’t care too much about things I don’t have a hand in anyway. Sure, something may suck for me but what can I do about it if it’s across the world? Local stuff is cool though, because you can actually do something about that. At the end of the day, I just want to grill for God’s sake. Technology Discord: Awful but I still use it, I actively avoid it when possible past 2022. Or sometimes just out of laziness. I still need to use it for some things but really, I hate the damn thing and a non-small portion of the people behind the service and some of those who use it. Too bad Matrix is not quite there (but still cool), and IRC too old-school for some people. I will continue to be available on all three for now. I wish they didn’t ban third party clients because their official client is awful. But everything’s legal until you get caught ;-) too bad i did, hopefully not again. Their interface is horrendous. It is designed like a toy for little kids with all of these huge buttons that you just can’t miss, along with upselling Nitro at every opprotunity. They’ve gone and broken my CSS every time I came back. Luckily, I do most of everything from IRC now on a different account via Bitlbee. DRM: Imagine buying something but not owning it. You don’t have full rights. You own a license to use the content, but you don’t own it. This is awful. Google: A company who threw out their “Don’t be evil” motto so they could be evil. I could probably fill this entire point with links about Google doing evil things and still have plenty of links to go around. IRC: super cool. I’ve pretty much gone to living on there, I also need to work up the courage to join some channels. I’m putting it off until I’m done my IRC bouncer project. NFTs: stupid and a waste of money. My buddy says “money laundering”. Smartphones: They’re okay if you use them like a dumbphone but with a couple of extra capabilities. They aren’t gaming consoles, banking machines, social media zombie machines, no, just do what I do and just use them to call/text people, listen to music, and a couple other things. Of course, you can keep these apps installed if you need to use them but really I try to keep use of said apps to a minimum with some exceptions. GB -> Gigabyte. Gb -> Gigabit. gb -> lazy but probably gigabyte. Plan 9: cool, too bad the Raspberry Pi port doesn’t have audio. Linux sucks but its the only alternative with good hardware support. BSD has bad wireless support, Plan 9 has bad everything support but has the most elegant userspace. (view full post...)

Anonymous 02/25/23(Sat)13:43:04 No. G09KPZG6 [Report]

>I’ve actually gone back and fo Did you die writing this?

Anonymous 02/26/23(Sun)11:40:43 No. Y0PO1LMY [Report]

>>K0QH8AQ0 (OP) I turned my Redmi Note 9 into a LiGNUx phone. But I turned on the overwrite option, good if you want to dedroid your phone as much as possible, side effect was, that it killed the call functionality. Wi-Fi still works, but the SIM card is not detected. For calling, messaging, music I use TA-1316 Nokia. It still spies on me, but at least it's Series 30+, rather than Android.

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Hello from 0chan 0chan dev 05/27/21(Thu)06:27:21 No. fprog-ZS0MGEI9 [Report]

0chan.vip is a node running "multichan" , a federated textboard that uses tags rather than boards . It can federate over Tor ! we also have a shitton of ATOM feeds: > https://0chan.vip/atom/ What do you guys think of our project?

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Anonymous 10/14/21(Thu)03:48:57 No. fprog-ELTST4BH [Report] >>fb-K9UOZKIJ

>>fprog-01IJ07Q7 brought it back up for the 1 year anniversary >>fprog-ICULFQQT that's bbs.killthepresident.club , took it down because I got sick of getting CP / nazi shit uploaded to my server with no easy way of shutting it down.

File BBS&.png (78.63 KB) [Draw]
Anonymous 10/14/21(Thu)10:08:36 No. fb-K9UOZKIJ [Report] >>fprog-LPA40OPD >>fprog-R0FI8MGI

>>fprog-ELTST4BH Don't want to jinx it but it's nice the feds fucked off for now.

Anonymous 10/14/21(Thu)22:44:12 No. fprog-LPA40OPD [Report] >>fprog-R0FI8MGI

>>fb-K9UOZKIJ spoke too soon

Anonymous 11/02/21(Tue)18:42:57 No. fprog-R0FI8MGI [Report] >>fprog-TK7FIF1N

>>fb-K9UOZKIJ >>fprog-LPA40OPD What's wrong with them? Why do you think they're feds?

Anonymous 11/03/21(Wed)03:23:10 No. fprog-TK7FIF1N [Report]

>>fprog-R0FI8MGI they attract the them so they might as well be them

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Esoteric Lisp Anonymous 02/18/23(Sat)09:05:49 No. KIDSQOQK [Report]

I figured someone may be interested to see my attempt to add insanity into Lisp. Normal Lisp syntax: (func arg arg arg arg) (func1 (func2 arg arg (func4 arg arg)) (func3 arg arg)) (* (+ 1 2 (- 6 5)) (/ 10 5)) Esoteric/ Midfix Lisp: () arg arg )func( arg arg () () arg arg )func4 arg arg )func2 )func1( func3( arg arg () () 5 6 -) 2 1 )+ )*( /( 10 5 () I call this midfix, since all functions are in the middle and arguments are at the edge. First function to be read will be in the middle. This case it's * (multiplication). Then the program is going to read the function on the left. This case it's + (addition). Then all the arguments are going to be read. From right to left. First 1, then 2. 1 + 2 = 3. Then the program is going to read the function on the left. This case it's - (subtraction). 6 and 5 subtracted is 1. 1 + 3 = 4. The program will keep reading until it hits the wall (). Now the program is going to read everything from the left to right. It reads / (division) and the arguments 10 & 5. 10 / 5 = 2. It will hit the wall (). It will come to middle and multiply left with right. 4 * 2 = 8.

Anonymous 02/20/23(Mon)00:36:56 No. 80M64UVD [Report]

>>KIDSQOQK (OP) Mindfuck LISP!

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a a 01/03/23(Tue)20:24:06 No. fprog-C01BB2F5 [Report]


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HacK A 01/02/23(Mon)13:56:21 No. fprog-D15E660B [Report]


Anonymous 01/02/23(Mon)14:22:39 No. fprog-D8D71C7D [Report]


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Anonymous 01/14/21(Thu)03:21:29 No. fprog-AF085BFA [Report]

This site is based on the activity pub protocol. It is still a work in progress. You can get the source code here. https://github.com/FChannel0 I hope it provides some interest.

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Anonymous 07/26/22(Tue)21:46:47 No. 6CY5I1IM [Report]

>>11AQTW3D >>XWIHT0X2 https://github.com/FChannel0/FChannel-Server/pull/69.patch try this patch

Anonymous 07/27/22(Wed)04:38:36 No. EP3YIWOB [Report] >>4CO7U17I


Anonymous 07/27/22(Wed)11:36:45 No. 4CO7U17I [Report]

>>EP3YIWOB nice, looks like it’s working

Anonymous 08/12/22(Fri)09:22:40 No. OL2TIGMZ [Report]

>>fprog-AF085BFA (OP)

Anonymous 12/23/22(Fri)13:15:52 No. fprog-C5C10B9F [Report]


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Anonymous 08/27/22(Sat)14:54:12 No. fprog-F81A1043 [Report]

threading IS the heart of any textboard. Threading makes or breaks the functionality and usefulness of any board. Your css is very nice, it does no good when the threading is not easy to follow tho. No one wants to spend time figuring out what reply went to what...if we wanted a puzzle we would go buy a soduku book or something. This app will never take off unless the threading was modified. Say what you want, make excuses... i know im right tho, ask other random objective people, I am sure you will get the same feedback.

Anonymous 10/08/22(Sat)04:38:59 No. 5QH6DP74 [Report]

fprog-F81A1043 If you are talking about the text board, then I 100% agree, Shit is way too hard to read.

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Anonymous 08/26/22(Fri)08:18:50 No. fprog-B6D2A1C9 [Report]

You guys!!!!!!!!!! https://github.com/anjumjfax/lupi can anyone fix this?? Its interesting as fuk cuz its only one small file!!!!!!!!!!!! so when you post, the image does not work at all. But like the first post will make a 0 file, the next post will make a 1 file and so on. looks like csv files interesting, when you go to /1 for example, it becomes a text board, no image file is asked for. Very interesting program, here is the whole code...https://github.com/anjumjfax/lupi fuck, that is just a few lines of code, ONE fucking small file!!! That is really, really cool, i don't suppose someone can fix it? Even if you made it a textboard, since the images do not work anyway. It is SO CLOSE to being an awesome, one file golang imageboard.

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halp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anonymous 08/22/22(Mon)23:10:54 No. fprog-D1074171 [Report]

okay, ive posted this on SO many golng forums, and NO ONE ever helped!! Can someone be a golang hero and help?? ALL i want is the simple golang code to take html form input and write the results to a file. Kind of like the world's simplest textboard!!! Check this out...So there are TONS of example php scripts of how to do the above...it is all done in one php script. Oddly enough, in GO, there is not one single working script that does it!!! Google it--- You will see some half made scripts, but absolutely ZERO working full scripts that do a simple thing like take form inupt and write it to a file. If anyone can make that simple script, I will use it as the starting point for writing a textboard and learning go... and I will owe you big time!!! So can someone pls post or link to a working example???

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Anonymous 08/23/22(Tue)17:24:38 No. fprog-B0CF2DA8 [Report]

Thank you so much, it works!!!!! I guess i have the start to a ib now :) I wanna make a simple but reliable ib eventually. THANK YOU so much tho, I went on so many golang forums and no one would answer. I appreciate it x10000. It prolly seems stupid to you, but I was stuck and i did not want to start with go until I had at least one simple script. I have tons of simple working php scripts, but had no go scripts to get started. I am in your debt...if you need anything let me know!!!! And do not be shy, any way I can help I will.

Anonymous 08/23/22(Tue)18:58:52 No. fprog-A06E51F8 [Report]

https://paste.ee/r/KDiJk/0 that is so cool!!! Did you make that yourself? If so, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The wiki thing is also really cool!!!!!

Anonymous 08/24/22(Wed)01:36:08 No. fprog-A8972EC5 [Report]

Wow some strange person make a git repo out of the code!! The guy is kinda dumb tho because the repo has a bore of a name. https://github.com/textboards/golang-textboard

Anonymous 08/24/22(Wed)01:57:05 No. fprog-BF8D3B1E [Report]

>>Wow some strange person make a git repo out of the code!! << I see what you mean. The jackass who made that repo is a complete moron who gave it a really dumb name.

Anonymous 08/24/22(Wed)04:47:55 No. fprog-C6A7927C [Report]

>>I see what you mean. The jackass who made that repo is a complete moron << Yup!!! I see your point!! what a dumb fucking asshole, to name that board something so pathetically stupid!!! Fucking retardedly autistic!! Duhhhhhhh

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Rocky Linux Anonymous 08/23/22(Tue)18:43:42 No. fprog-B0C2D309 [Report]

I don't suppose anyone has experience with Rocky Linux?? Currently i use a digital ocean vps, a bunch of sites on one server. I use ubuntu 22. Digital ocean offers other servers, rocky linux is cool. I used to run rocky linux with the old school php control panel, plesk. Plesk is old as fuk, but it got a bit more modern. Docker manager, for example, right from plesk, allows people to run a docker image right from plesk. Like ghost.org the popular node js blog can be run on multiple sites with plesk. I always kind of wondered how to use golang with plesk. Like. I wonder if i can make a regular plesk control panel, run a bunch of static/php sites on it, then just hand code golang sites. One would think I could just make the nginx config files and point the port to the right one, and then just install go and run go sites manually along side the plesk php sites. Not sure, I never tried. Regular docker seems the ultimate way, no plesk needed. I could install docker, then run multiple sites with docker from the single vps. The ONLY slight prob is that i have no clue how to set that up,i get lost whenever someone makes a tutorial that tries to explain how to make multiple sites with docker. Besides, I was waiting for a more graphical/easier docker manager to be invented, so anyone could maintain a bunch of websites from docker. I would love to use rocky, it does not have to be rocky tho. SO far, in ubuntu i know how to use nginx to make multiple sites on ubuntu, even golang sites. I am sure the way I do it is not very secure, it would prolly be best to use a control planel or manager of some sort. Was wondering if anyone knows of a control panel or manager to easily run a bunch of golang sites?? Most will just be static, since go works do good to serve static sites, that would be easy. I would also run a bunch of ib or text boards on some sites, too. Not a major deal, like I say I know how to do it on ubuntu and nginx, just wondering if anyone knows of a control panel or manage made to run a bunch of go sites, because I am sure it would have less security holes than the way i run sites just hand coding the nginx.

File: (0.00 KB) [Draw]
doing a different lang Anonymous 08/23/22(Tue)17:47:58 No. fprog-A595263C [Report]

I only learned the basics of how to make ib/txt board scripts with php. I realized years ago that vichan was doomed, cuz the php 8+ broke and ruined vichan. I do have tons of simple ib scripts tho in php, very simple, just a couple lines of code. Lynxchan is nice, but the maker is too dumb to worry about security. He refuses to use deno instead of regular node js. Lynxchan relies on dependencies which rely on dependencies which rely on dependencies. That is STUPID. So lynxchan is one of the most functional boards no doubt, but there WILL be a time in the future when it is too hard to maintain. And node js has tons of security risks in general because of the way dependencies are used. Tons of articles say node js and npm in general is considered a security risk by many devs. Go is really nice. I like how it can compile to windows or linux. I will miss messing around in php but im gonna totally switch to GO tho, because now that you gave me a working script to get started in making an ib, GO can do everything php can. Php could possibly morph into something better in time, but that will not happen tomorrow, to be sure.

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