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File: Qjp27LYsHaiBIbnhT~5tYNND~c(...).jpeg (38.11 KB) [Draw]
To what are you listening right now? Anonymous 06/01/23(Thu)00:02:56 No. CCWY191F [Report]

Music, podcast, audiobook, game, environment, or anything else welcome - with links if desired

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Anonymous 09/14/23(Thu)03:22:17 No. 613JVDKL [Report]

SiebZehn - Metaphore /watch?v=NanCtEAl7yQ

Anonymous 09/15/23(Fri)06:55:05 No. P8W1HD4U [Report]

Dreamstate Logic - Among The Fallen Stars /watch?v=1-ZxVLztp6A

Anonymous 09/16/23(Sat)06:53:33 No. VXFV6E9T [Report]

Solar Fields - The Missing /watch?v=DkI7LaJ7ncQ

Anonymous 09/22/23(Fri)22:24:32 No. 64ZTO1WA [Report]

Psy TRS - Fluorescent Dreams /watch?v=gKq5MkN-dJs

Anonymous 09/24/23(Sun)12:55:59 No. 4TOB20VD [Report]

Taboo - Life In The Universe /watch?v=sXVCF6y0-7s

File: Castlevaniesque - Skeleton(...).mp3 (4.36 MB) [Draw]
Anonymous 05/12/23(Fri)09:03:49 No. 0GRY7ADI [Report]

File: 1MG.mp3 (1.04 MB) [Draw]
Anonymous 08/12/22(Fri)13:01:01 No. 1NYBGAWK [Report]


Anonymous 07/08/23(Sat)22:54:19 No. 16D4X7MW [Report]

That sounds good. Where can I find a full version?

File: 1475372184637-2.jpg (2.43 MB) [Draw]
Anonymous 06/09/23(Fri)11:16:08 No. TGO8E8AS [Report]

Mystic Crock & Dense - Firedance /watch?v=NqDBG4bI4qI

Anonymous 06/09/23(Fri)11:18:07 No. EZVMJW9N [Report]

Whoops, meant to post this in my music thread >>CCWY191F →

Anonymous 06/09/23(Fri)11:19:20 No. VAS88EC1 [Report]

Hmm, something seems screwy.

Anonymous 06/28/23(Wed)10:13:15 No. UAK3W42B [Report]

test >>3TBN8NAK →

File: Schoenberg_Quartet_No._2_4(...)._2_4th_movement.OGG (4.25 MB) [Draw]
Anonymous 03/19/23(Sun)01:55:22 No. F4ZF0VQX [Report]

This is dope

File: maxresdefault.jpg (19.98 KB) [Draw]
Anonymous 01/31/23(Tue)01:24:37 No. W58WJFM7 [Report]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37VP5tAeKPY serene and beautiful

Anonymous 02/05/23(Sun)08:04:00 No. 6N0PGEC6 [Report]

Pretty good. I always love a sad guitar.

File: 01. Shangri-La.mp3 (6.56 MB) [Draw]
Anonymous 12/17/22(Sat)08:15:31 No. 7A8EBZKS [Report]

bokura wa mezashita   Shangri-Laaaaaaaaa

File: Silver Star.ogg (3.19 MB) [Draw]
Anonymous 08/23/22(Tue)11:23:58 No. DA1IPHJB [Report]

File 02 Emphatic.mp3 (4.24 MB) [Draw]
Anonymous 11/22/22(Tue)07:49:06 No. M2FGSU3Z [Report]

File: 03.ogg (3.40 MB) [Draw]
Anonymous 11/22/22(Tue)01:42:16 No. PRMAXYPM [Report]

First stasimon Sophocles tragedy:Women from Trachis Kostas Vomvolos

File: 01.ogg (2.50 MB) [Draw]
Anonymous 09/03/22(Sat)20:47:18 No. PSRRFGK6 [Report]

Starflex StatueOfDiveo

File: mpv-shot0043.jpg (155.69 KB) [Draw]
Anonymous 08/09/22(Tue)19:14:16 No. ECY2TV21 [Report]

https://radio.lucasvl.nl/ Good station

File: aken61.mp3 (4.29 MB) [Draw]
Anonymous 03/16/22(Wed)08:57:38 No. BWJKHGCD [Report]

i like this song

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