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How do you type out your pointers Anonymous 04/26/21(Mon)06:17:20 No. fprog-1606BEVL [Report]

int* ip or int *p

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Anonymous 05/09/21(Sun)15:41:06 No. fprog-B0W2SD51 [Report] >>fprog-OCTLEQR0

>>fprog-SG6H9U6I then do >int * p, * q; it's still easier to see it as "int pointer" with this exception

Anonymous 05/09/21(Sun)18:46:46 No. fprog-OCTLEQR0 [Report]

>>fprog-B0W2SD51 >2 spaces now that is just silly

Anonymous 05/14/21(Fri)16:15:42 No. fprog-F251CGFK [Report] >>fprog-8U0QKH0L >>fprog-V2BCEKA3

>>fprog-1606BEVL (OP) When I started C, I looked at C code to choose my coding style. Here are some of my inspirations: https://aiju.de/misc/c-style https://man.openbsd.org/style https://suckless.org/coding_style/ https://man.cat-v.org/plan_9/6/style Some code I looked at was the plan9 source code and dwm source code. Hope that helps!

Anonymous 05/14/21(Fri)16:31:16 No. fprog-8U0QKH0L [Report]

>>fprog-F251CGFK my style is based on some of those as well thank Stallman for all the libreware out there that helped me learn

Anonymous 05/21/21(Fri)21:05:02 No. fprog-V2BCEKA3 [Report]

>>fprog-F251CGFK I like GNU style. check glib and GTK, the code style is pretty neat

File: rose-amd.jpg (36.77 KB)
Cross Imageboard Login System Idea Anonymous 04/25/21(Sun)12:36:40 No. fprog-1TOIV0D3 [Report]

I've had this idea for some time, and have shared it on and off. I wanted to share it here though. Basically, I've had the idea of a very minimal/lightweight, free, libre, and open source, self-hostable program that provides users with a login for imageboards. How it would work is, the user would setup a username and password, then on any clients (4chanX, KurobaEx, etc.) the user would input that username and password. Then whenever they post something, it would sync to the server, then sync to their other devices. So basically no matter which device they are on, they can keep track of their watched threads, posts, bookmarks, (You)s (replies), etc. This would be a privacy friendly way for users to sync their activity between devices to keep track of everything, instead of relying on image-board logins (which most don't have anyways). The hardest part would probably be submitting a pull request to add support for the login/sync system into clients such as KurobaEx and 4chanX. At worst it's a separate extension, or someone forks them and adds it...

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Anonymous 04/25/21(Sun)15:43:05 No. fprog-6XWQ0OV7 [Report] >>fprog-KTOLYBDX

>>fprog-1TOIV0D3 (OP) the whole point of imagebords imo is that everyone is anonymous and you don't need an account - the only reason to need an account is if you're a moderator or a passfag, which I don't think should be a shared status among all imageboards for obvious reasons.

Anonymous 04/25/21(Sun)15:47:08 No. fprog-SIBVJ7M1 [Report] >>fprog-KTOLYBDX

>>fprog-1TOIV0D3 (OP) Anyway nice idea built on air but I can't see how to implement it. You want to federate personal user data back and forth with other instances? Where do you go as a user to keep control of your data? How do you know a federation really deleted your data if you wanted it? I'd never use it

Anonymous 04/28/21(Wed)17:16:01 No. fprog-KTOLYBDX [Report] >>fprog-MYSR0DXC

>>fprog-6XWQ0OV7 >>fprog-SIBVJ7M1 I'm failing to understand your guys' points. Did you read my entire idea? Nothing is being stored on the imageboard servers, that's the entire point of it being self-hosted. Some imageboards DO have logins, which I dislike for the exact reasons you guys mention (anonymity). The service would be something you self-host, then it would be added as an option to "log in" on clients such as KurobaEx, or browser extensions such as 4chanX. This would of course require a pull request be submitted, then accepted. They can also be forked but the devs seem like they'd be open to such. If not, a fork of the project with this feature added is always possible too. Anyways, the server itself needs to come before any of the client side stuff. The hardest part will be getting clients to add in the login feature, although it should be reasonably simple, some devs can be annoying yk. But anyways back on point, after the user logs in, it would sync down all their watched threads, (You)s, etc. and it will be synced between each client/device they login to. Everything is stored on the server, the server which is the program that I am suggesting be made. That program will run on a server that the user self-hosts, meaning it's run entirely by them, they have full control. The program would ideally also be as minimal, lightweight as possible. And of course free, libre and open source. Nothing is being touched with the imageboards, nothing is being stored on imageboard servers besides your actual public posts to them as usual, the login system is completely self-hosted, and the login prompts are added to the end clients themselves. I don't know how I can be anymore clearer than that. But you guys obviously didn't understand the point.

Anonymous 04/28/21(Wed)20:56:03 No. fprog-MYSR0DXC [Report] >>fprog-LTSWC8J9

>>fprog-KTOLYBDX Oh I see, you've just basically reinvented the idea of public key cryptographic authentication. You make a gpg keypair, and what you're suggesting would probably be implemented as some sort of browser plugin that can use that keypair to authenticate you cross platform. Perhaps that plugin also stores what threads you are watching and polls them for any replies. Yeah ok, I just didn't understand your idea. This could be something, but it'd be pretty niche. But possible.

Anonymous 05/01/21(Sat)21:07:49 No. fprog-LTSWC8J9 [Report]

>>fprog-MYSR0DXC Kinda but not really, it's basically just a service that you selfhost, and it centralizes all your watched threads and boommarks on the server you host. You login on any device and it syncs it between them all. Not reeeally a hard concept idk how I can explain it any better. If you use 4chanX, or Kuroba you know about the thread watcher right? When you post to a thread, it adds it to the watch list. You can also watch threads or posts you didn't post to. Anyways basically that list will sync to your server, then your server syncs it to any other devices logged in. The lists are merged on the server and all your devices stay up to date with one another.

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Anonymous 01/15/21(Fri)06:35:29 No. fprog-5B89B1E3 [Report]


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Anonymous 04/26/21(Mon)19:32:20 No. fprog-UFX34A26 [Report] >>fprog-68ZFV49A

noko test

Anonymous 04/26/21(Mon)19:48:30 No. fprog-68ZFV49A [Report]

>>fprog-UFX34A26 noko should be fixed

Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)22:41:37 No. fprog-VTCTZO3F [Report] >>fprog-9Q1ETJ91

>>fprog-5B89B1E3 (OP) this is testing federation from KTP and FChan ignore

Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)22:42:25 No. fprog-9Q1ETJ91 [Report]

>>fprog-VTCTZO3F ok thats weird it work, this is fchan to KTP

Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)22:43:09 No. fprog-JXWE8FB4 [Report]

fchan to KTP without mention

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Fchan eats posts with wrong filetype Anonymous 04/22/21(Thu)18:38:21 No. fprog-44DBNWS5 [Report]

>be me >write life story >attach svg image >fatal mistake >post gets eaten by fchan

Anonymous 04/22/21(Thu)18:45:20 No. fprog-WQK3A7JO [Report]

>>fprog-44DBNWS5 (OP) press the back button in your browser before refreshing

Anonymous 04/24/21(Sat)19:32:46 No. fprog-1PWMGYAK [Report] >>fprog-KZIDQGGI

svg is based file format fchan really should support it

Anonymous 04/24/21(Sat)19:45:11 No. fprog-KZIDQGGI [Report] >>fprog-LI29W2NI

>>fprog-1PWMGYAK The MIME types was referenced from here https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Basics_of_HTTP/MIME_types#svg The supported files from the faq at the bottom are "image/gif","image/jpeg","image/png","image/svg+xml","image/webp","image/avif","image/apng","video/mp4","video/ogg","video/webm","audio/mpeg","audio/ogg","audio/wav", "audio/wave", "audio/x-wav" If the mime type differs from this it will not upload. svg formats were not tested to catch alternative mime types, but they can be added.

Anonymous 04/25/21(Sun)16:47:03 No. fprog-LI29W2NI [Report]

>>fprog-KZIDQGGI >webp JUST

File: 1586359272619.png (312.60 KB)
Anonymous 01/22/21(Fri)20:09:19 No. fprog-BBC99398 [Report]

Is there a Matrix channel we can follow along dev progress in? I'm quite interested in this project, I think it solves a very important problem.

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Anonymous 02/02/21(Tue)12:23:54 No. fprog-HY8G5461 [Report]

>>fprog-E24CD995 You can't. Admin hast' fixed https://fchan.xyz/prog/FFCF2AD4#fb-269GDC00 yet.

Anonymous 02/16/21(Tue)00:37:46 No. fprog-SOLBJLWI [Report]

I'm also interested in following development last commit in GitHub repo was 10 days ago Matrix room or Lemmy community would be nice

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Anonymous 04/16/21(Fri)17:15:42 No. fprog-Q7QSSORL [Report] >>fprog-506KWKRJ >>fprog-7I1URMDY


Anonymous 04/16/21(Fri)17:37:55 No. fprog-506KWKRJ [Report]

>>fprog-Q7QSSORL strange, seems to be up for me through the element program. if you cant get in post your ID and ill see if an invite works.

Anonymous 04/25/21(Sun)00:16:24 No. fprog-7I1URMDY [Report]

>>fprog-Q7QSSORL it has been up as far as I know, which homeserver are you on?

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Interfacing with Fchan Anonymous 04/19/21(Mon)09:32:07 No. fprog-F6926VVH [Report]

I'm making my own chan, because there weren't enough chans already. So how can I make it interface with fchan? How does it work in a nutshell? I send POST requests to fchan, fchan sends POST requests to me? We keep seperate databases? Verification?

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Anonymous 04/22/21(Thu)18:48:02 No. fprog-DOJ72ZI8 [Report] >>fprog-B80MCOQQ

>>fprog-ARWGGSPK do anonymous imageboards fit in with microblog type systems that usually have a login attached to each post? how would a post from or to peertube look without a user login? would it be a post dedicated to that video?

File new.png (13.36 KB)
Anonymous 04/24/21(Sat)09:36:44 No. fprog-B80MCOQQ [Report] >>fprog-VJ1IU688

>>fprog-DOJ72ZI8 AFAI have been told the boards are the actors, aka "users". PreferredUsername is probably set to "anonymous" or something. So you would "follow" the "user" fchan.xyz/prog/ and then see "anonymous" post on your feed.

Anonymous 04/24/21(Sat)09:45:57 No. fprog-VJ1IU688 [Report] >>fprog-8C2S6A3I

>>fprog-B80MCOQQ That's how fchan works, but how would fchan federate with pleroma, mastodon, peertube etc where the original quote was referencing the mastodon url posted about auth standards.

Anonymous 04/24/21(Sat)10:08:56 No. fprog-8C2S6A3I [Report]

>>fprog-VJ1IU688 as of now, not. fchan needs to abide by their rules and setup if it wants to federate. The http request signature and a simple shared key for all boards seem pretty easy to add though. There's probably an opensll library available for go.

Anonymous 04/25/21(Sun)00:14:31 No. fprog-9VIPQZ85 [Report]

Being closer to what other federated services do sounds like a decent idea. I'm also having trouble imagining what crossposting between something like pleroma and fchan would be like but maybe someone will come up with an inventive interface that would make it work?

File: ohyes.jpeg (37.26 KB)
nigger nigger 03/26/21(Fri)17:07:05 No. fprog-VL6C5XZV [Report]

nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger

File: 6376018_f520.jpg (161.54 KB)
What are you programming? Anonymous 01/30/21(Sat)11:38:03 No. fprog-021AG738 [Report]

What are you programming or wanting to program? I often have a hard time on where to start. Do you have this problem?

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Anonymous 02/02/21(Tue)22:47:20 No. fprog-UD9BSRAT [Report]

>>fprog-MS0JZE10 Is there no joy in making your own interpretation of a program?

Anonymous 02/03/21(Wed)23:12:32 No. fprog-T62PQHNG [Report] >>fprog-BAYDDEEY

i want to make a curses TCG which has some form of meme blockchain to keep track of card rarity and ownership of cards. challenging opponents through a network

Anonymous 02/05/21(Fri)03:21:10 No. fprog-BAYDDEEY [Report]

>>fprog-T62PQHNG Sounds rather easy, and also fun. Ignore the curses for now, interfaces can just be built on top of a sane backend. Rather that putting it on top of an existing blockchain product, you could modify one of them to make tokens equal cards, or via a token system. Might even be fun to make the system generic enough that other people can build their own card system on top of it just by modifying a few configuration files.

Anonymous 02/18/21(Thu)02:40:26 No. fprog-P225N5E0 [Report]

>>fprog-MS0JZE10 Evernote is proprietary software so I won't use it

File Piict3PJ.webm (2.88 MB)
Anonymous 03/18/21(Thu)08:38:11 No. fprog-QDMY3QIA [Report]

>>fprog-021AG738 (OP) 3D rendering for my game or something

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long Lain is long. Anonymous 01/26/21(Tue)17:20:29 No. fprog-3AE17500 [Report]

long Lain is long.

Anonymous 01/29/21(Fri)15:25:13 No. fprog-55FCF1C9 [Report]


File: lain.jpg (72.91 KB)
Anonymous 01/16/21(Sat)14:28:10 No. fprog-B516579A [Report]

Let''s all love Lain!

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File 1610671638059.jpg (37.27 KB)
Anonymous 01/17/21(Sun)17:23:13 No. fprog-BDDA8FBD [Report]

Y = λf.(λx.f (x x)) (λx.f (x x))

Anonymous 01/17/21(Sun)20:52:00 No. fprog-7E22GGB8 [Report]

>>B516579A based

Anonymous 01/18/21(Mon)12:10:53 No. fprog-9DGC3183 [Report]

>>fprog-B516579A (OP) Where are the non-weeb instances?

File weebdr.png (313.78 KB)
Anonymous 01/18/21(Mon)19:39:57 No. fprog-F802EEA9 [Report]

>>fprog-B516579A (OP)

File 1610942534328.png (746.10 KB)
Anonymous 01/24/21(Sun)07:22:08 No. fprog-51CD7827 [Report]

>>fprog-B516579A (OP)

File: WAT - Рыжий кот.png (253.96 KB)
Anonymous 01/21/21(Thu)09:10:50 No. fprog-FFCF2AD4 [Report]

How do I subscribe to another fchan from this fchan?

Anonymous 01/21/21(Thu)10:42:52 No. fprog-2DFBGB01 [Report]

It seems I can't subscribe to /b/ from Pleroma.

File: theo-de-raadt-3.jpg (9.42 KB)
Anonymous 01/14/21(Thu)04:14:19 No. fprog-6894A80B [Report]


File 1610471081342.png (53.43 KB)
Anonymous 01/19/21(Tue)00:06:43 No. fprog-FEBEG585 [Report]

>>fprog-6894A80B (OP)

File: enjoy_the_drink.png.png (236.39 KB)
CLU 01/15/21(Fri)11:07:20 No. fprog-42345B85 [Report]

Enjoy the drink

File: BFF1D539-55CD-40CE-A51A-91(...).jpeg (96.34 KB)
Hello workd Anonymous 01/14/21(Thu)06:55:11 No. fprog-C17E93CF [Report]

Inglewooood. I hope you like my IP

Anonymous 01/14/21(Thu)07:10:25 No. fprog-C8D06E94 [Report] >>fprog-9C71F50D

No IPs are tracker here, we wont be able to enjoy them :(

Anonymous 01/17/21(Sun)12:27:35 No. fprog-9C71F50D [Report]

>>fprog-C8D06E94 of course not

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