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WPA handshake script Anonymous 09/28/21(Tue)08:26:54 No. fprog-FRTQ0A4A [Report]

Does /prog/ have a script to automatically capture WPA handshakes? Bash or python is preferred as I am capable of writing those languages. I've looked into autobash already but it uses incredibly outdates dependencies which can of course be resolved but it sure as hell is annoying, but it won't work because it also requires hashcat which is not available in my desired architecture (armhf) I don't want to write my own if someone else has already done it before, so if you have something like this of know about a similar project then please do share. If I decide to write my own then I will make it FOSS and share it here.

Anonymous 10/13/21(Wed)16:56:24 No. fprog-48OZJJZO [Report]

>>fprog-FRTQ0A4A (OP) stop hacking chodomite let me connect to my router

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