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What's a good way to differentiate anonymous posts? Anonymous 05/01/21(Sat)21:15:53 No. fprog-XQJ0RBG6 [Report]

Basically see the thread https://anonium.net/thread/1b69c1a5191e0d81e75dea1ae6f56131#6e54c7de1b8b4cc29edff9913e35f47d I've considered: - show plain hex - show base64 - turn it into concatenation of words, like BIP39 - show hex, but only the last x digits Which would you prefer and why? Or do you have another idea?

Anonymous 05/23/21(Sun)00:02:31 No. fprog-XE04J19U [Report]

>>fprog-XQJ0RBG6 (OP) normal base64 is good. it works and you can still get cool gets. although maybe hex is better since its easier to see gets that way

Anonymous 05/25/21(Tue)18:27:08 No. fprog-7HLNOKT1 [Report]

>>fprog-XQJ0RBG6 (OP) die retard

Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)01:16:29 No. fprog-BM52G95O [Report]

>>fprog-XQJ0RBG6 you can still get dubs with hex tho

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Anonymous 07/01/21(Thu)18:16:25 No. fprog-RP4UJWA6 [Report] >>fprog-8WKC3VGN

>>fprog-XQJ0RBG6 (OP) Why not just number sequentially, starting at 1? in Pleroma we found inspiration in flake[1], a Decentralized, K-Ordered Unique ID Generator as far as translating a hash to another format, well. I think word lists are fun; see this[2] chan-specific take on making hashes sometime. I don't think it was ever used by anyone (maybe BubbleBBS?). [1] https://archive.is/2015.07.08-082503/http://www.boundary.com/blog/2012/01/flake-a-decentralized-k-ordered-unique-id-generator-in-erlang/ [2] http://worrydream.com/tripphrase/

Anonymous 07/01/21(Thu)18:42:26 No. fprog-TB4ZUAXG [Report]

>>fprog-XQJ0RBG6 just make the last 3 characters always be digits and have the rest be hex, then you can still roll for dubs.

Anonymous 07/01/21(Thu)20:05:03 No. fprog-0AHN7I9B [Report] >>fprog-8WKC3VGN

why not make it the hash of the post contents?

Anonymous 07/02/21(Fri)00:44:27 No. fprog-8WKC3VGN [Report] >>fprog-YNCCV5BC

>>fprog-0AHN7I9B flakes mentioned in >>fprog-RP4UJWA6 beat a hash of post contents because they are sortable by time

Anonymous 07/02/21(Fri)15:36:55 No. fprog-YNCCV5BC [Report]

>>fprog-8WKC3VGN make the timestamp part of the value you hash

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