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HALP Anonymous 08/18/21(Wed)21:12:04 No. fprog-N9XPGHKX [Report]

HOW DO I keep fchan running when the terminal is closed? im used to pm2 in node js not sure how to do it for fchan tho. Pls answer

Anonymous 08/18/21(Wed)21:22:59 No. fprog-VPTJGSFM [Report]

>>fprog-N9XPGHKX (OP) either setup a systemd service or use screen

Anonymous 08/18/21(Wed)22:14:32 No. fprog-D00PL2C5 [Report] >>D5E00Q3R

>>fprog-N9XPGHKX (OP) are you sure you are able to maintain an imageboard, kid?

Anonymous 08/19/21(Thu)02:30:21 No. fprog-TT6JZE0X [Report]

>>fprog-N9XPGHKX (OP) is this why 2hu-ch keeps going down? lmfao

Anonymous 08/19/21(Thu)05:02:16 No. fprog-DMAGHGKW [Report]


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Lou Skunt 08/19/21(Thu)12:51:11 No. D5E00Q3R [Report] >>fprog-Q15Q8RHD

>>fprog-D00PL2C5 when degenerate loosers likeyou post crap like that, it makes people realize that a federated board is dumb...who wants to link to degenerates???

Anonymous 08/19/21(Thu)21:15:30 No. fprog-FW2UO388 [Report] >>fprog-Y6A5ITTJ >>fprog-Q15Q8RHD

for ubuntu 20.04 the nohup command is all one needs. like nohup ./fchan & it is built right in, no need to install anything at all. ................. ALSO the idea of federation is just incredibly stupid. People want to run a board...not host other people's degenerate images. PLUS all the federation BULLSHIT by default opens your system to exploits and adds more code to the codebASE.

Anonymous 08/20/21(Fri)00:56:33 No. fprog-Y6A5ITTJ [Report] >>fprog-P92WG42C

>>fprog-FW2UO388 >the idea of federation is just incredibly stupid. Then fucking leave, why are you even hosting an instance? >People want to run a board... not host other people's degenerate images. THEN DON'T FEDERATE WITH THE BOARDS YOU FUCKING TROGLODYTE

Anonymous 08/20/21(Fri)01:01:23 No. fprog-Q15Q8RHD [Report]

>>fprog-N9XPGHKX (OP) >>D5E00Q3R >>fprog-FW2UO388 clowns like you shouldn't be running an imageboard

Anonymous 01/27/22(Thu)01:47:31 No. fprog-P92WG42C [Report]

>>fprog-Y6A5ITTJ Federate or gtfo, should be teh motto. Federation should be ez to upkeep and run, so the spread remains healthy. No need to federate, sure, but the whole point is not to become cuckchang

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