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professional programming language Anonymous 09/17/21(Fri)12:51:32 No. fprog-4YP1X037 [Report]

hey guys i am currently looking for a job. what language should i learn/expand in? what is the most wanted atm?

Anonymous 09/17/21(Fri)22:13:25 No. fprog-FSBDL1EA [Report]


Anonymous 10/18/21(Mon)03:44:27 No. fprog-ZOBBVVPF [Report]

>>fprog-4YP1X037 (OP) learn go and go into devops golang has interesting lore behind it as a bonus

newbie 10/19/21(Tue)20:02:25 No. fprog-ZDUW0XN1 [Report]

>>fprog-FSBDL1EA i have already started learning beforehand for some smaller stuff, thank you>>fprog-ZOBBVVPF i have already heard of go especially as a dependency, i didn't know that it was a viable language to make a career, will look into it

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