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Anonymous 03/31/21(Wed)05:17:33 No. fprog-921DE73Y [Report]

How is it that in order to be very good programmer, you need to be very logical and mathematical, yet the field is full of trannies? Is this not a contradiction? I don’t get it.

Anonymous 03/31/21(Wed)07:27:46 No. fprog-P9PO21XP [Report] >>fprog-0GH9Z4UK

>>fprog-921DE73Y (OP) Autism and trannyism are comorbid

Anonymous 04/01/21(Thu)10:04:01 No. fprog-G20RU0BO [Report]

>>fprog-921DE73Y (OP) What field are you talking about? There is no programming field on this planet.

Anonymous 04/02/21(Fri)12:03:34 No. fprog-9OUT4F7H [Report]

>>fprog-921DE73Y (OP) capital capture, it rough

Anonymous 04/08/21(Thu)20:10:32 No. fprog-0GH9Z4UK [Report]

>>fprog-P9PO21XP fpbp you don't need maths and logic when you have autismo to make up for it

Anonymous 04/25/21(Sun)18:38:58 No. fprog-D7TE2HCY [Report] >>fprog-CN116FTO

>>fprog-921DE73Y (OP) There are very few trannies in reality. It's just that the ones that exist are loud about it.

Anonymous 05/19/21(Wed)23:23:47 No. fprog-WQALICVI [Report] >>fprog-1DO2Z0YU

>>fprog-921DE73Y (OP) being a programmer is more about language skills than anything. I am terrible at math and only ok at logic, but I am a good programmer >t. mtf programmer

Anonymous 05/20/21(Thu)13:35:26 No. fprog-P8HK363T [Report]

>>fprog-921DE73Y (OP) I like your cock /g/

Anonymous 05/31/21(Mon)02:02:50 No. fprog-RMBM3GUL [Report]

i totally do want to suck her dick tho

Anonymous 06/12/21(Sat)04:16:26 No. fprog-CN116FTO [Report]

>>fprog-D7TE2HCY And those are almost all of them autogynephilles, so they are also not the kind of trannies that would actually pass as a woman and unlike non-autogynephille trannies they "hatched" ( as those faggots like to say ) once in adulthood, so they lived most of their lives as males and developed male's interests.

Anonymous 06/12/21(Sat)16:20:43 No. fprog-A6EVLG75 [Report]

>>fprog-921DE73Y (OP) They're not women. The tranny part is logical to them, but that is because their understanding of reality is incorrect, not because they are lacking in logic. They're sad and often very lonely people, not necessarily dumb.

Anonymous 06/12/21(Sat)16:42:01 No. fprog-1DO2Z0YU [Report]

>>fprog-921DE73Y (OP) You have obviously never met a tranny Trannies are extremely logical and mathematical. A vast majority of mtf trannies have some kind of high-functioning autism. Every single one of the trannies I know is in STEM, highly logical and knows at least something about mathematics. I'm also an mtf tranny and I'm working on a master's degree in mathematics. >>fprog-WQALICVI You will never be a woman

Anonymous 06/16/21(Wed)03:09:33 No. fprog-3F98DYG9 [Report]

>>fprog-921DE73Y (OP) deeply autistic men are good at coding, dunno what you're on about

Anonymous 01/27/22(Thu)02:04:39 No. fprog-CAAYK8GR [Report]

>>fprog-921DE73Y (OP) Thin line between madness and genius, genius being exceptions to the norm of genital mutilation/natural selection

Anonymous 02/12/22(Sat)02:35:50 No. fprog-13XXHL0N [Report]

>>fprog-921DE73Y (OP) testin'

Anonymous 02/13/22(Sun)06:20:17 No. fprog-GQS9G35L [Report]

It takes deranged or dedicated for any STEM, most being the former, rarely the latter.

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