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Anonymous 01/22/21(Fri)20:09:19 No. fprog-BBC99398 [Report]

Is there a Matrix channel we can follow along dev progress in? I'm quite interested in this project, I think it solves a very important problem.

Anonymous 01/23/21(Sat)00:17:53 No. fprog-F26327B4 [Report]

>>fprog-BBC99398 (OP) There currently isn't, but plan to make one in the near future. Currently the best place to get updates on the progress is here. Thanks for the interest.

Anonymous 01/23/21(Sat)08:06:28 No. fprog-E24CD995 [Report] >>fprog-HY8G5461

>>fprog-BBC99398 (OP) This is ActivityPub board. Subscribe and follow it.

Anonymous 02/02/21(Tue)12:23:54 No. fprog-HY8G5461 [Report]

>>fprog-E24CD995 You can't. Admin hast' fixed https://fchan.xyz/prog/FFCF2AD4#fb-269GDC00 yet.

Anonymous 02/16/21(Tue)00:37:46 No. fprog-SOLBJLWI [Report]

I'm also interested in following development last commit in GitHub repo was 10 days ago Matrix room or Lemmy community would be nice

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Anonymous 04/16/21(Fri)17:15:42 No. fprog-Q7QSSORL [Report] >>fprog-506KWKRJ >>fprog-7I1URMDY


Anonymous 04/16/21(Fri)17:37:55 No. fprog-506KWKRJ [Report]

>>fprog-Q7QSSORL strange, seems to be up for me through the element program. if you cant get in post your ID and ill see if an invite works.

Anonymous 04/25/21(Sun)00:16:24 No. fprog-7I1URMDY [Report]

>>fprog-Q7QSSORL it has been up as far as I know, which homeserver are you on?

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