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Attempt at creating a FChannel local client Anonymous 07/28/21(Wed)04:30:40 No. fprog-DK37PT1F [Report]

I am done with FCHAM, so I have started a new project: a client for FChannel. My idea is to allow you to subscribe to instance's boards by specifying (in a configuration file maybe) which outboxes to download, after that the client will download the outboxes and build an HTML page of for you. My idea is that the HTML will be static, local, and without javascript. It may download attached files locally idk. I don't intend to let you post replies from the client (I don't even know how I would do that), but it can link to the post so you can reply from its instance. It doesn't seen too hard to build these pages, I think I will take a look at the server's repo and just translate code from it. You can check it out here http://git.p6nhckzlonbw72mhxqcyfa474ssavlnud6tvpmhjzf37r2zyz2ommtqd.onion/fchan-client/log.html, but to say it is currently barebones would be overestimating it. Anyway, I like to put puns on the names of my projects, but I am lacking inspiration for this one (fchan-client is too inane for my taste), any suggestions?

Anonymous 07/28/21(Wed)04:33:01 No. fprog-16TF4WEP [Report]

>>fprog-DK37PT1F (OP) by the way the no-js thing is just because i don't know js very well to add it to the project, i don't think running js in a local page would be harmful

Anonymous 07/28/21(Wed)05:29:42 No. fprog-ZTO5BD4K [Report]

>>fprog-DK37PT1F (OP) i am honestly surprised this is capable of parsing the entire outbox of fchan.xyz/b/ into a webpage almost instantly, firefox even hiccups when trying to load the output

Anonymous 07/28/21(Wed)05:51:26 No. fprog-01G1NYT4 [Report] >>fprog-0C8DU5CF

>>fprog-DK37PT1F (OP) i thought of a better name for the project: FBI - Federation Box Importer here is the new url http://git.p6nhckzlonbw72mhxqcyfa474ssavlnud6tvpmhjzf37r2zyz2ommtqd.onion/fbi/log.html

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Anonymous 07/28/21(Wed)06:00:23 No. fprog-LQ036RSO [Report]

>>cunny Make it in electron plz

Anonymous 07/28/21(Wed)06:03:20 No. fprog-FEPHPO0O [Report]

>>fprog-DK37PT1F (OP)/ZTO5BD4K/01G1NYT4 dike post bussy

Anonymous 07/28/21(Wed)15:20:07 No. fprog-YLX6EKJQ [Report] >>fprog-1YMKUI7H

>>fprog-DK37PT1F (OP) Onion site is down :( cannot download this, sounds pretty cool though

Anonymous 07/28/21(Wed)15:54:24 No. fprog-1YMKUI7H [Report]

>>fprog-YLX6EKJQ i usually only keep the service up on weekend, but since i got ahead of myself and posted about my projects yesterday i guess i should keep it up for visitors it is up now

Anonymous 07/28/21(Wed)23:16:20 No. fprog-0C8DU5CF [Report] >>fprog-5ET9CLBU

>>fprog-01G1NYT4 >>fprog-DK37PT1F (OP) based OP, although i think this would be cool to implement as an rss feed so you can pipe it into sfeed or something. it seems like the main use case would benefit from this

Anonymous 07/29/21(Thu)01:15:45 No. fprog-5ET9CLBU [Report] >>fprog-MYDBF63T

>>fprog-0C8DU5CF idk anon, rss seems like a weird way to read threads from an image board

Anonymous 07/29/21(Thu)10:23:51 No. fprog-OLMDY4BR [Report] >>fprog-G3YZ87H1

fbi is kinda usable right now. most of the core features are in, but still lacks some QoL to be easier to use. now instead of generating a single huge page with all thread and all replies, it breaks it into pages of 10 thread each (still shows all replies, i will give each thread its own page and only show the last few replies on the board's page). it can download attachments locally, but this is disable because it takes too long to download all (/b/ alone has over 200M of files), you can set the variable allow_dl_attach to true if you want to download it all anyway (so all images will show up nicely on the posts) you can try it by creating a 'files' directory and a file named 'subs' on it with one subscription per line (do not write the protocol or trailing slash, write 'fchan.xyz/prog' instead of 'https://fchan.xyz/prog/'). multiple board subscription (such as subbing to multiple /prog/s) is not yet supported, if it somehow works (haven't tested) it think the second board's newest post will only appear after the first's oldest. i will sort this out in the future. this wasn't so hard, but i am not sure how i will merge multiple boards' outboxes so their posts show up in the correct order. devchad, how you you do it?

Anonymous 07/31/21(Sat)08:27:35 No. fprog-G3YZ87H1 [Report] >>fprog-SZZZO0S9

>>fprog-OLMDY4BR its has optargs now, you can pass -u to redownload the outboxes before rebuilding the pages, -f to set the subscriptions file (it looks for it at ~/.config/fbi/subscriptions by default, with ./subscriptions as a fallback (that is, in the current dir)) and -a to download attachments locally. regarding subscribing to multiple equally-named boards: NOW it will show the second board's newest post after the first's oldest (previously it was overwriting them), i looked around FChannel's code to look for how the posts are organized, but couldn't find it (i only kinda skimmed through the files though), but i think i have an idea on how to do it

Anonymous 07/31/21(Sat)15:22:11 No. fprog-MYDBF63T [Report] >>fprog-SZZZO0S9

>>fprog-5ET9CLBU why? you're literally just fetching feeds with text. it makes sense to me

Anonymous 08/01/21(Sun)04:09:15 No. fprog-SZZZO0S9 [Report] >>fprog-H2K0MNTD >>fprog-M57RXN8E

>>fprog-G3YZ87H1 i did it, now if you subscribe multiple instances on the same board their threads will be mixed and chronologically organized. the only thing left to make it a decent browser is to create an individual page for each thread show only its last few posts on the board's page after that will be aesthetic improvements, like the coveted alternative stylesheets (possibly with a picker), which i am still waiting for that op to deliver (inb4 he won't) >>fprog-MYDBF63T are there rss readers with image support? otherwise browsing imageboards without images would be weird

Anonymous 08/01/21(Sun)09:02:54 No. fprog-H2K0MNTD [Report] >>fprog-RHNQX5UX >>fprog-PXVQOZ9L

>>fprog-SZZZO0S9 Atom supports limited HTML so image or other media embeds / linking is trivial. Look at multichan: each server, tag, and thread have their own atom feeds: http://0chan.vip/atom/

Anonymous 08/01/21(Sun)10:50:04 No. fprog-RHNQX5UX [Report]

>>fprog-H2K0MNTD cool, i will first get fbi to present itself like a regular chan interface before looking into that you are welcome to fork and implement a feed, though. i will merge later

Anonymous 08/01/21(Sun)20:22:01 No. fprog-PXVQOZ9L [Report] >>fprog-K03PNMCF

>>fprog-H2K0MNTD multichan is DOA. rss/atom feed for an imageboard is retarded.

Anonymous 08/02/21(Mon)05:39:12 No. fprog-K03PNMCF [Report]

>>fprog-PXVQOZ9L > rss/atom feed for an imageboard is retarded Wrong

Anonymous 08/02/21(Mon)17:10:03 No. fprog-OGBJ06YF [Report] >>fprog-A2CUR43J

>>fprog-DK37PT1F (OP) > My idea is to allow you to subscribe Lost my interest right there

Anonymous 08/02/21(Mon)21:01:54 No. fprog-A2CUR43J [Report]

>>fprog-OGBJ06YF anon... that's how activitypub works

Anonymous 08/03/21(Tue)01:44:47 No. fprog-M57RXN8E [Report] >>fprog-BGF9J6ZQ

>>fprog-SZZZO0S9 now threads have their own files, on the board file only their last 5 replies will be show (you can change this number) now to work on the aesthetic i think by this weekend fbi will be mostly, if not completely, finished

Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)08:20:07 No. fprog-BGF9J6ZQ [Report] >>fprog-RPG6GC7W >>fprog-YM5JLIUV

>>fprog-M57RXN8E i am done with the aesthetic changes, now fbi looks about the same as fchannel, here are the changes * references and quote are now stylized * references have title text * clicking a reference takes you to the referred post * handle subject, postername and tripcode * bolden current board (like page) * support for alternative stylesheets * removed stupid restrictions on url format, now you can copy and paste from the browser * option to update a single board for now only the red and blue stylesheets are available if anyone cares to make alternative styles to be used with fbi, it will also be compatible with fchannel

Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)14:21:44 No. fprog-RPG6GC7W [Report]

>>fprog-BGF9J6ZQ based fbichad lookin good

Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)16:24:13 No. fprog-YM5JLIUV [Report]

>>fprog-BGF9J6ZQ sounds awesome, i'll check it out on the weekend

Anonymous 08/07/21(Sat)00:11:28 No. fprog-RO2OPAB6 [Report] >>fprog-KHPQKD94

it is live http://git.p6nhckzlonbw72mhxqcyfa474ssavlnud6tvpmhjzf37r2zyz2ommtqd.onion/fbi/file/README.html

File 2021-08-06-202151_371x272_(...).png (16.14 KB)
Anonymous 08/07/21(Sat)00:22:26 No. fprog-KHPQKD94 [Report] >>fprog-6YOT70KH >>fprog-P8K726I4

>>fprog-RO2OPAB6 got it, have a weird issue. I have lua-cjson 5.3 but for some reason fbi only seems to look for 5.2 and won't run with 5.3

Anonymous 08/07/21(Sat)00:44:37 No. fprog-6YOT70KH [Report]

>>fprog-KHPQKD94 i think the problem is that you are running it with lua 5.2 i use lua 5.4 and it looks for modules in similar paths, except it is /5.4/ instead of /5.2/

Anonymous 08/07/21(Sat)01:08:20 No. fprog-P8K726I4 [Report]

>>fprog-KHPQKD94 >fbi:4:package.cpath = package.cpath..';.deps/?.so' if you can find where cjson.so is on your system, you can append it to this line similar to what i did. the '?' will substitute for the filename. or, you know, just use the lua-cjson version that comes with.

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