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Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)12:01:47 No. fb-CXW6ML8D [Report]

Why is there no [Open] or [Reply] link next to OPs? That's stupid, fix it.

Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)13:23:18 No. fb-LFXKP5PH [Report]

>>fb-CXW6ML8D (OP) yeah use no. and the id for open and reply

Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)15:04:05 No. fb-U6G89WSS [Report]

>>fb-CXW6ML8D (OP) https://fchan.xyz/static/faq.html#link

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Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)15:27:49 No. YK2DSQBX [Report] >>fb-MZYX1VOW >>fb-MJJGER24

>>fb-CXW6ML8D (OP) works on my machine

Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)15:30:03 No. fb-MZYX1VOW [Report]

>>fb-CXW6ML8D (OP) >>YK2DSQBX samefag

Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)16:02:15 No. fb-MJJGER24 [Report]

>>YK2DSQBX admin spotted please GTFO

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