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Anonymous 10/12/21(Tue)23:35:18 No. fb-KMQBOSFX [Report]

i wanna believe this place wont die in two years like every other federated/decentralized bbs that finally gains traction jeff left me w3c shitted bloatware is garbage undermechemail without the """failed""" ensured delivery this is nothing good in something already horrendous i hate fediniggers and im too lazy 2b a devchad brogrammer

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File truncated.png (7.08 KB)
Anonymous 10/13/21(Wed)04:57:03 No. fb-FTOQ8DLI [Report] >>fb-A0S44HZJ >>fb-W6WVALQ6

>>fb-KMQBOSFX (OP) I think we need something like this for the index

Anonymous 10/13/21(Wed)05:47:53 No. fb-A0S44HZJ [Report] >>fb-U7GZFXYX >>fb-ZIR7FZBU

>>fb-FTOQ8DLI While we're on the topic of suggestions, I'd like to see an overboard feature.

Anonymous 10/13/21(Wed)13:14:55 No. fb-U7GZFXYX [Report]

>>fb-A0S44HZJ This has need discussed already use 0xchan or something if you want an overboard.

Anonymous 10/13/21(Wed)18:13:57 No. fb-ZIR7FZBU [Report]

>>fb-A0S44HZJ the software already has native support for it, just subscribe to every instance's board for a single board.

Anonymous 10/13/21(Wed)18:14:33 No. fb-W6WVALQ6 [Report]

>>fb-FTOQ8DLI Yes definitely

File: 2021-10-03_11:22:05_%.png (2.18 KB)
Anonymous 10/03/21(Sun)15:22:13 No. fb-WTCV69VL [Report]

Fellas i can't believe fchan is dead

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Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)16:02:47 No. fb-IO50MX84 [Report]

>>fab-poster so freaking awesome and based

Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)16:10:16 No. fb-OLFGLC73 [Report] >>fb-W8FKRX89 >>fb-R7Z3XQA1

>>fb-XCIB8BRG alright so i lied about it being the day after i posted it but it's done now hopefully throwing in some other style changes while i'm there, PR shortly >>fab-poster devchan, i don't think commit 1df965e did anything

Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)16:15:20 No. fb-W8FKRX89 [Report]

>>fb-OLFGLC73 >devchan, i don't think commit 1df965e did anything i am thinking this anon is spinning up a fchannel instance that they modify the activitypub objects that get sent out. fchanni.ga is a registered domain and it has an ip address. so my assumption is they are sending the spoof post and then turning off their instance after the post id is verified. could be something else though.

Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)16:22:22 No. fb-R7Z3XQA1 [Report]

>>fb-OLFGLC73 it won't because fchannig.ga is an actual instance, i just remove the dns record after the post federates. that's probably the last time i'm gonna do it though cause freenoms nameservers take ages to update.

Anonymous 10/13/21(Wed)17:00:18 No. fb-Y9GPJLZA [Report]

>>fab-poster what the FUCK

File: d1edc541b066a3c4d5dca51165(...).gif (1.47 MB)
Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)04:07:08 No. fb-9J42PY5O [Report]

Is it $CURRENT_YEAR yet?

Anonymous 10/12/21(Tue)03:42:31 No. fb-5KWEMI0B [Report]

>>fb-9J42PY5O (OP) Zoomer "humor".

Anonymous 10/12/21(Tue)05:22:26 No. fb-ZRRXJ7DW [Report] >>fb-SKQ75MKU

All for you, OP: ohyeah() { [ -n "$1" ] && local CURRENT_YEAR="$1" || read -p "What is the current year? " CURRENT_YEAR case "$CURRENT_YEAR" in 1999) echo "It's 1999! Let's party!" ;; *) echo "It's $CURRENT_YEAR." ;; esac } $ ohyeah 2021

Anonymous 10/13/21(Wed)05:44:50 No. fb-SKQ75MKU [Report] >>fb-FOHBBMBP

>>fb-ZRRXJ7DW Minor niggle: If you use bash function ohyeah to set CURRENT_YEAR, it sets the variable in the global namespace with $CURRENT_YEAR remaining defined outside of the function. Here's a fixed version which doesn't do that, also able to use $CURRENT_YEAR set outside the function when no argument is provided. ohyeah() { local CURRENT_YEAR="${1:-$CURRENT_YEAR}" # To have the function set the variable globally, remove the "local" keyword. [ -z "$CURRENT_YEAR" ] && read -p "What is the current year? " CURRENT_YEAR [ -z "$CURRENT_YEAR" ] && echo "Bueller?" && return 1 # No answer was provided. case "$CURRENT_YEAR" in 1999) echo "It's 1999! Let's party!" ;; *) echo "It's $CURRENT_YEAR." ;; esac } Further improvements and additional case years are welcome! Should ohyeah become a GitHub project??? };^)

Anonymous 10/13/21(Wed)05:58:53 No. fb-FOHBBMBP [Report]

>>fb-SKQ75MKU Oh, you can use case to check for an empty answer too, removing the need for two empty (-z) checks prior: case "$CURRENT_YEAR" in "") echo "Bueller?" && return 1 ;; # No answer was provided. ... /g/? What's that? :-)

File: anomine.png (311.04 KB)
sageman_ !!pEAstp03m0 07/06/21(Tue)19:06:59 No. fb-TKARSKAZ [Report]

I have a Minecraft server, an anarchy one, but the main twist is that everyone is anonymous on it. I'd love to see anyone join as so far no one has joined yet. Address is mc.anomine.net and the version is 1.16.5 Java. You'll need a paid account as well.

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File anomine.net.png (1.92 MB)
sageman_ !!pEAstp03m0 08/31/21(Tue)20:25:31 No. fb-CAYQT31B [Report] >>fb-RZBM3OZ5 >>fb-8FMCGZBA

>>fb-TKARSKAZ (OP) bump, I regained interest in the server, fixed a domain name, but everything should be the same. Pic related is an example of how the anonymity and imageboard feature looks like in-game. Come, faggots.

Anonymous 09/01/21(Wed)03:03:50 No. fb-RZBM3OZ5 [Report]

>>fb-CAYQT31B he's alive???? welcome back sageman_

Anonymous 09/01/21(Wed)03:04:59 No. fb-8FMCGZBA [Report]

>>fb-CAYQT31B My desktoped is packed away. Once I set that up I planned to check it out.

Anonymous 09/17/21(Fri)00:28:24 No. fb-0V9TSGRZ [Report]

me like

Anonymous 10/12/21(Tue)05:50:16 No. fb-1470WQZY [Report]

Looks pretty interesting that being said >>GJ7MG8Q8

File: SnP+NV.png (16.33 KB)
Anonymous 10/06/21(Wed)16:08:44 No. fb-ED1JV2P6 [Report]

Loopchan. Round and round we go. https://loopchan.top/ http://loopch37e74n6zkejgacop2rr3o5xfuribw3spapcnw52qk6wembqhqd.onion/

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sage 10/06/21(Wed)23:59:25 No. fb-CPFUFK6Y [Report]

>>fb-ED1JV2P6 (OP) kill yourself stupid faggot your website is shit

GNU+Sage 10/07/21(Thu)00:30:40 No. fb-L9C5U3P7 [Report]

federate or gtfo

sage 10/08/21(Fri)23:48:03 No. T910JSWZ [Report]

>>fb-ED1JV2P6 (OP) $10 says these are the same people as most of the others, >same shit web 3.0 software >same random generic logo >"unique" name and gimmick >dead in 2 days we get it you want to kill 4chan but god damn have something unique

Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)17:23:03 No. fb-T6HKK1F8 [Report] >>Q0OFUY9I


Anonymous 10/12/21(Tue)04:08:25 No. Q0OFUY9I [Report]

>>fb-T6HKK1F8 down

File: ccccc.png (209.24 KB)
Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)12:01:47 No. fb-CXW6ML8D [Report]

Why is there no [Open] or [Reply] link next to OPs? That's stupid, fix it.

Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)13:23:18 No. fb-LFXKP5PH [Report]

>>fb-CXW6ML8D (OP) yeah use no. and the id for open and reply

Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)15:04:05 No. fb-U6G89WSS [Report]

>>fb-CXW6ML8D (OP) https://fchan.xyz/static/faq.html#link

File Screenshot_20211012_040513.png (157.78 KB)
Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)15:27:49 No. YK2DSQBX [Report] >>fb-MZYX1VOW >>fb-MJJGER24

>>fb-CXW6ML8D (OP) works on my machine

Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)15:30:03 No. fb-MZYX1VOW [Report]

>>fb-CXW6ML8D (OP) >>YK2DSQBX samefag

Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)16:02:15 No. fb-MJJGER24 [Report]

>>YK2DSQBX admin spotted please GTFO

File: 1589940576562.jpg (85.31 KB)
Anonymous 08/20/21(Fri)21:34:53 No. fb-EDGGNDMK [Report]

stop shilling your alt-chans here, federate or gtfo

Anonymous 08/20/21(Fri)22:48:54 No. fb-2LQM1E8L [Report]

>>fb-EDGGNDMK (OP) based

Anonymous 08/21/21(Sat)20:31:25 No. fb-766E8OZP [Report]

>>fb-EDGGNDMK (OP) this needs to be pinned

File you.jpg (181.80 KB)
Anonymous 08/23/21(Mon)22:01:41 No. fb-DL4AHHY1 [Report]

>this needs to be pinned

Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)11:37:08 No. fb-AYCIVZ75 [Report]

>>fb-EDGGNDMK (OP) This

File: 2021-10-10T01:06:33,780556(...).png (9.75 KB)
RIP 0XCHAN RIP 0XCHAN 10/10/21(Sun)04:07:47 No. fb-4J7MV1QA [Report]


Anonymous 10/10/21(Sun)04:14:13 No. fb-4GH2EXEQ [Report] >>fb-0GMK8QCF

>>fb-4J7MV1QA (OP) someone is abusing the lack of request limiting i cannot guarentee the stability when there is something easily exploited. rate limiting fix sometime after now and never.

Anonymous 10/10/21(Sun)18:01:50 No. fb-0GMK8QCF [Report] >>fb-YV76AR84

>>fb-4GH2EXEQ do you have the site behind nginx or something? pretty sure that can do rate limiting

Anonymous 10/10/21(Sun)20:51:07 No. fb-YV76AR84 [Report]

>>fb-0GMK8QCF yeah setting nginx to do that would work. looking into things more there was a change to the code that wasnt fully tested that caused a feedback loop in the requests which i am 90% sure that is what caused it.

File: 20210221_221024.jpg (80.88 KB)
Anonymous 10/10/21(Sun)15:51:06 No. fb-QM83P0WZ [Report]

I missed you guys <3333333

Anonymous 10/10/21(Sun)19:08:52 No. fb-ZJDNAF9D [Report]

>>fb-QM83P0WZ (OP) i never went anywhere

File: vvc.png (996.31 KB)
Shitchans BTFO Anonymous 10/09/21(Sat)15:40:55 No. fb-BL9TXM99 [Report]

Let's be real fellas, the other chans never even had a fair chance.

Anonymous 10/09/21(Sat)18:30:30 No. fb-1KRJRK8G [Report]

>>fb-BL9TXM99 (OP) based

File: Matsunaga.Sara.full.95218.jpg (691.98 KB)
Anonymous 10/07/21(Thu)14:09:36 No. RFNR8FQA [Report]

busy night first the .club tld goes down and then a M6.1 earthquake

Anonymous 10/09/21(Sat)16:33:36 No. 13SPVJXK [Report]

>>RFNR8FQA (OP) yeah, I was confused for why shitposter.club was down

File: 1449362145677.gif (357.76 KB)
Anonymous 10/07/21(Thu)10:00:41 No. fb-2THYW2F1 [Report]

File 1630236929228.jpg (40.94 KB)
Anonymous 10/09/21(Sat)05:55:17 No. N9ROXLEI [Report]

File: 80acgzp0m3SW86gV9KXHJyoH7p(...).jpg (55.41 KB)
FChan federation dead? Anonymous 10/03/21(Sun)03:03:32 No. fb-A373Y7R6 [Report]

>current known instances empty >FChan.xyz has no boards What happen? Someone set up us the bomb?

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Anonymous 10/03/21(Sun)03:11:54 No. fb-08ELAY2N [Report]

>>fb-MZF391AE Checked in there after trying blindly for a /b/ board. Thanks though. R.I.P. federation.

Anonymous 10/04/21(Mon)13:32:03 No. fb-OPU9UYTN [Report]

>>fb-A373Y7R6 (OP) it'll be up again eventually.. i hope

File 5d511a6d04c1309eb7bf8e3690(...).jpg (65.07 KB)
Anonymous 10/08/21(Fri)20:48:34 No. D1AL54EL [Report] >>1GJ0SMXG

The federation? It's dead, Jim.

Anonymous 10/09/21(Sat)03:15:21 No. 1GJ0SMXG [Report] >>12ROAG61

>>D1AL54EL i don't think you know what federation means, clearly all the other boards are still federate why don't you go ahead and >D1ALate

File 1624249967403.jpg (132.25 KB)
Anonymous 10/09/21(Sat)05:52:07 No. 12ROAG61 [Report]

>>1GJ0SMXG 'twas referring to the federation's (lack of) activity

File: 046164334.png (88.79 KB)
Last known list of Instances Anonymous 10/03/21(Sun)05:07:53 No. 3GFWUZ72 [Report]

https://penchan.xyz https://poopchan.org https://2hu-ch.org http://kyogi7dxn3mr6a7eabaqh3jnxbbqbhty46aqstuhmqmokcxgr4vnbpid.onion https://fitchan.xyz https://miruku.cafe https://chan.clubcyberia.co https://usagi.reisen

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File 2021-10-04_09:59:39_%.png (21.71 KB)
Anonymous 10/04/21(Mon)14:00:46 No. ANF2N999 [Report]

>>fb-XX4MJ2PD weird

Anonymous 10/04/21(Mon)21:02:01 No. P5EPH6AD [Report] >>fb-N8JXIQRU

Are we under attack? I'm scared.

Anonymous 10/07/21(Thu)02:49:56 No. fb-N8JXIQRU [Report] >>73POA11E

Fitchan will be back up when whatever vulnerability wiped fchan is patched. >>P5EPH6AD Fchan Dev says there's a vulnerability but whoever exploited it did so to nicely demonstrate instead of anything malicious. So, no but we could have been.

File 1616427312152.png (121.92 KB)
Anonymous 10/07/21(Thu)04:18:49 No. 73POA11E [Report] >>fb-K444HKHX

>>fb-N8JXIQRU It was an accident! Seems like it was fixed, but the vulnerability can only work on fchan.xyz anyway because of this if statement. https://github.com/FChannel0/FChannel-Server/blob/e490998c196e5c7a64e8903a500078f5c98e3dad/main.go#L1358

Anonymous 10/07/21(Thu)12:16:23 No. fb-K444HKHX [Report]

>>73POA11E lmao was it you? >that link Oh I might come back up then. We have some weird DB issue that I need to fix but after that we will be back.

File: fod.jpg (826.44 KB)
Anonymous 10/02/21(Sat)06:05:04 No. fb-N60L8YM5 [Report]

A message to anyone spamming their quick-to-die, centralized chans here:

Anonymous 10/06/21(Wed)23:59:06 No. fb-0LCIF82W [Report]

>>fb-N60L8YM5 (OP) based as fuck

Anonymous 10/07/21(Thu)00:46:02 No. fb-30V6OHB3 [Report]

>>fb-N60L8YM5 (OP) LMAO, FChan died not long after I posted this. I guess the fact that we're still here, and that the posts still exist on other servers proves the point.

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