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/u/nixport thread Anonymous 09/26/21(Sun)20:04:42 No. fg-HXAX9ZZU [Report]

Post screenshots of you *nix desktop and share its vibes

File comfy-oxygen-desktop.png (364.01 KB)
Anonymous 09/29/21(Wed)06:14:02 No. fg-FZ9VP1LE [Report] >>fg-PBW7TZV5

>>fg-HXAX9ZZU (OP) floating wm >>> tiling but i fucking hate window decorations.

File Screenshot_20210929-143256(...).jpg (88.51 KB)
Anonymous 09/29/21(Wed)12:33:04 No. fg-PBW7TZV5 [Report]

>>fg-FZ9VP1LE OP here, also hate those things. I just don't have them at this point, like at all

File 2021-10-02_16:26:20_%.png (1.02 MB)
Anonymous 10/02/21(Sat)20:26:48 No. fg-IBKV2FXM [Report]

>>fg-HXAX9ZZU (OP)

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